Life Transitioning

Life is a choice – every day.

Investing time into yourself,
is the most amazing gift you can offer yourself.

When you are balanced in your life,
you will also perceive the environment surrounding as balanced. 

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Transform your professional path – dynamize your career

You feel it’s the right moment to boost your professional path?
You think it’s time to grow and learn something new?
You are ready for a change, but yet don’t exactly know what direction is right for you in this particular moment?

Let’s work on it together!

Sometimes a framework to your own thinking and the right questions asked at the right time by a neutral person, offer new perspectives, clear the vision and dissolve doubts. 

From this space, decision taking is healthy and easy. 

During our collaboration…

…we define and fine-tune your objective.s together.

…we establish your road map in order to reach your goal.s on your journey

…we identify all necessary resources for a successful goal realization and develop strategies on how to best integrate and use these resources.

Once all the above-mentioned criteria are defined, you will have all the necessary tools at hand to move forward on your professional journey. Beyond these important steps, I will support your transition as far as you wish, in order to make sure that you will comfortably settle into your new harbour.s.

Our collaboration may contain some or all of the following processes:

  • Understanding the motivation of your desire for a change
  • Understanding and working with your Individual Personality Architecture & Individual Psychological Needs, based on Taibi Kahler’s Process Communication Model®
  • Holistic Skill Assessment
  • CV Review 
  • Interview Preparation
  • Strategic Pitching
  • Development of your professional network

Grow your personality

Manage your time and resources in order to live a fulfilled and sustainable life. 
Transform your personal roadblocks into strengths. 


Manage your time and resources in order to live a fulfilled and sustainable life. 

Today, keeping it all together – between professional realization, a healthy and balanced private life, staying in the framework of society or maybe not feeling at the right place, but also not knowing anymore, where the right place is for you – are the quests that many during are facing during these challenging times we’re facing in Western Society over several years. 

  • How to establish successful self-management, in order to keep your resources in balance with everything that modern life is asking of you? 
  • Where to find your individual energizers and to ensure they remain active in the long term?
  • Which strategy to adopt, to not over-work, over-stretch or disconnect from yourself? 

Allow yourself to reconnect with your individual needs. 
Dare to listen to yourself, establish your own limits and be true to yourself.

Let’s pause together!
Analyze your situation and establish sustainable self-management strategies.  

During our collaboration we will… 

…identify your personal needs and define your individual limits.

…develop sustainable self-management strategies that will help you to reactivate your personal resources. 

…establish a road map together, to ensure these strategies remain active and accessible at any time.  

Choose to be happy – because you deserve it.

Transform your personal roadblocks into strengths.

  • Are you aware of our behavior patterns in times of stress or when facing difficult situations?
  • If you are, are those supportive for you or rather dysfunctional?
  • Do you allow yourself to live free of the fear of judgement?
  • Do you offer yourself the self-respect and value you deserve? 
  • Are the choices you make in your life based on what you really want?


  • Do you feel stuck and unable to affirm yourself in the environment you have created around you?

Holding the belief, that we are not the master of our own destiny, is a very common belief in our society. That our life patterns are pre-defined and difficult to adapt to our own individual personality and needs, are still a part of our collective consciousness. 

You want to overcome this belief and take back the responsibility of choice and create a life that makes you happy and fulfilled?

During our collaboration…

…we will unveil your inner belief system and allow you to reach a profound understanding of your behavioral patterns and how to adapt them, so they become supportive for you.

…we will work on your fears and co-create strategies for you to overcome and transform these fears, so you can feel self-sufficient and confident in moving forward in your life.

…we will enlarge your perspectives and the perception of yourself, in order for you to rediscover your strengths and individual talents, in order to create the life, you really want.