Rate concepts

On this page you will find insights into my price concepts.

However, since we live in times that demand a high degree of flexibility in our approach for mutual collaboration, I do not want to set any monetary reasons as an obstacle for my customers. Based on this I also offer my support based on solidarity prices for potential clients with limited financial possibilities.

If you or your company are concerned of such a situation, please address this openly, so that we can establish a suitable solution together.

Consultation & coaching package

  • Initial consultation [30 min]
  • Individual coaching sessions [90 min]

3 sessions* | 750 CHF
5 sessions* | 1250 CHF

This offer includes:

  • Documentation of the process
  • The possibility of a 15-minute follow-up between each session if necessary

*Valid for a period of 3 months.

Debriefing with the PCM® Profile

  • Preparation [30-45 min]
    Questionnaire to establish your profile
  • Individual debriefing session [2 h]

Package price | 450* CHF

*A price reduction may be applicable private persons and independant business owners.

Process support over a longer period

  • One meeting every week

Individual package price
3* or 6* months | based on the type and duration of the collaboration

This offer includes:

  • An initial consultation of 30 minutes to set the framework for the collaboration
  • The possibility of a follow-up of 20 minutes between each session if necessary
  • Documentation of the evolution of the process from session to session

*If necessary the support can be extended beyond the initial duration.

Individual session as impulse coaching

  • Tailor-made based on individual request

Rate per 90 minute session | 300 CHF*

*This rate includes a first exchange via phone or zoom in order to establish the frame for the session.

Punctual interventions

  • Daily rates | tailor-made based on intervention and project

PCM® seminars

  • Daily rates | based on the type of seminar
  • Rate for the individual profile | 240* CHF

*The price of the individual profile may vary depending on the type and size of the company.

Process support for organizational development & strategic support

  • Mandate rates | tailor-made according to the size and duration of the project