In general, my work and interactions are based on a systemic approach.

I am strongly convinced that as soon as we work on and transform one element in a system, seamlessly the whole system surrounding that element, moves forward as well.

Embedded into this holistic approach, I introduce the use of precise tools, when required, e.g.:

  • The Process Communication Model®
  • Diverse tools applicable for team development
  • Work with belief systems
  • Constellation work
  • Work with the inner child
  • Breathing and meditation techniques
  • Asanas and other yogic approaches
  • Mindfulness

Benefits of the Process Communication Model®

PCM® is a tool that provides us with easy ways to connect with others while passing essential messages effectively based on a deep understanding of your personality and the personality of others:

Improve self-awareness

  • Identify your Personality Structure
  • Understand your triggers and manage stress

Gain a better understanding of others

  • Identify the Personality Structure of others
  • Help reduce Miscommunication and conflicts

Develop more effective ways to communicate with others

  • Improve the quality of your communication and motivational skills
  • Help reduce stress and conflict
  • Have genuine and helpful relationships